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Grateful Dead Live at Madison Square Garden on 1994-10-18

Set 1

Help On The Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Franklin's Tower
The Same Thing
Childhood's End
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2

Iko Iko
Samba In The Rain
He's Gone ->
Smokestack Lightnin' ->
Truckin' ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Days Between ->
Throwing Stones ->
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Madison Square Garden
Location New York , NY

Lineage CDR>EAC>WAV>SHNv3>Cool Edit Pro>CD WAV>SHN(seekable)
Transferred by Tim Wiley


* Weir on Acoustic

Comments:Lineage is uncertain on this show. There's a fair amount of
tape hiss present, so I've labeled it C*. This show is definitely
listenable, but you'll notice the hiss in the quite parts. (Please
Note Edit comment below)

This show was EAC'd to SHN by Dan Carr on 12/10/01 as part of a series
of shows that I've been to but have not been seeded to etree in SHN
format. The sound quality is excellent. Enjoy!

Edit/ReSeeded to etree by Tim W. 4/3/02

Edit Comments: I reduced some of the hiss on the songs and heavy
reduction inbetween tracks. The hiss is impossile to remove without
destroying the highs on the recording. I also noticed major static
inbetween D1t6 and D1t7 I removed most of the static on D1t7 but there
still is some present for 2 tens of a second. D1t6 static removed
completely. D2t2 had a digital pop @ 4:24 that was removed. D3t1
D/O or Tape flip @ 10:58 removed. d3t5 is missing first couple of
notes in the song.


Reviewer: Holyguy - - November 16, 2011
Subject: File Naming Suggestion
Thanks so much for posting this show. This was one of only 2 or three Grateful Dead shows that I ever went to, good times.

It's nice to relive some fond memories...

In the spirit of giving back, and of persuading people, in my opinion, of a better way to name the files, I present here,

Holyguy's set list of this show:

01 Help On The Way--
02 Slipknot!--
03 Franklin's Tower
04 The Same Thing
05 Althea
06 Cassidy
07 Childhood's End
08 Don't Ease Me In
09s2 Iko Iko
10 Samba In The Rain
11 He's Gone--
12 Smokestack Lightning--
13 Truckin'--
14 Drums--
15 Jam--
16 The Days Between--
17 Throwing Stones--
18 Not Fade Away
19e US. Blues

The advantages of the above file naming method is manifold:
a) The file name IS the song name!
b) On MP3 players if tags are not read properly it does not matter, because, the file name is the song name!
c) On the topic of Tags, thank you for tagging. However, I believe that time would better be spent naming the files with the song names.
d) My file naming also still notes where each set begins as well as what the encore was. (Additionally it DOES NOT note superfluous and distracting information such as what disc and what CDA track it would be. Does anyone still burn CDA?)

I don't know about you folks, but I access my music in the folder it is in, period. Furthermore, I deal with the actual files, not through a middle-man-type program such as I-Tunes, to name one. When I want to play a song, load a portable MP3 player or burn a 700 MB or 4.33GB disc of music I go directly to the source. And let me tell you my friends, my files are as Jerry & the Boys intended it to be, with each file name being the song name!

By naming the files as I have noted above it is now possible to manage the files independent of ALL software simply by reading the file (or if you wish, song) names. Truly, what tape sharing (or free ware, nowadays) is all about!

Rock out with your Jam on!!

Reviewer: jonrussell - - June 3, 2010
Subject: a birthday show for me
And the last time I saw Jerry alive which makes Days Between especially poingant
Reviewer: skullsnroses - - June 23, 2008
Subject: If it wasn't for the fuzz...
I think this show is strong and I love the set lists. Its beautiful day in Vermont as I listen and the U.S. Blues is melting the silver in my head. Jack Straw !?! Not bad for Monday morning coffee buzz. The althea is great as is throwing stones. Bobby saves the day a few times this show. Jerry is clear and ironic with that firm ax handle. Yeah there is a fuzz and buzz if I turn it up... so thats the only reasons I don't crank the stars to 5. keep on rockin and a reelin' !
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Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Set 1 Source: Schoeps CMC4/MK4 > Oade P/S > Panasonic SV250 (48 khz); Location: FOB;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Nakamichi CM-300 x2 > Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/Maxell MX 90) Taper Section 5, Row O, Seat 14
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
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Source: 2x Sennheiser 441's > Sony TCD5-M > Maxell MX
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=18249) BD>MC>D> seeded to etree by bubba420 + AUD (shn id 121191) MAC; (FOB) Sennheiser 441's > Sony D5 > Sony D5 > 2 x TDK MA 90; Transfer/Lineage: Master Audience Cassettes> Nakamichi Dragon> Lunatec V3 (@24/88.2)> Lynx AES16> WaveLab 6.10> .wav (@24/88.2)> WaveLab editing/mastering with UAD-1 in 24/88.2> r8brain PRO> .wav @16/44.1> CD Wave Editor> TLH> flac16(level eight)> Tag&Rename(metadata). Taped by Davey Meade Transferred, edited and mastered by Alex Ford. - DTS mixing by Kevin Tobin
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Schoeps CMC5 Mk4->Reutelhuber P/s->Sony D10 Pro
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
( 2 reviews )
Source: source: 2 Sennheiser KMF4's > Sony TC-D5M (10th row-center) - analog master cassettes - Maxell MX-90's
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=82486) Recorded by David Minches FM>Sony PCM-601>NEC DX-5000 (Maxell XL-Pro)>Digital Domain VSP-P>Tascam DA-30>Egosys Waveterminal 2496>Cool Edit 2000>CDR Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches + AUD (shn id 121064) Source: 2 Neumann KMF4 microphones - up front/center> Sony TC-D5M - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Nakamichi CM-300 x2 > Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/Maxell MX 90)
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=130698) Recording Info: SBD > DAT > C > DAT; Transfer Info:; DAT > Sony D8 > WAV > Sound Forge 10 > TLH > FLAC + AUD (shn id 90977) taper : Joe D'Amico nak 300 mics w/cp4 shotguns > sony d-5 nak dragon tape deck >sony sbm1 > creative extigy soundcard> cool edit pro > flac frontend - dts mixing by Kevin Tobin
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Set 1 and partial Set 2 Master: B&K 4011's>Sony D10 Pro>D5 by Alan Schmit, 14th row center, patched out of Clay Brennecke; Conversion: Cass(m)>Onkyo TA-6711>Tascam DA-20 (A/D)>Microtrack 24/96>WAV WAV>Sound Studio 2.2.4>xACT 2.13>FLAC; by Dave Mallick